Nettie Dress

Wool/Cashmere Dress & News

In this post I want to share some news with you, and show off my new Nettie dress. The Nettie is made with the most delicious wool jersey blend, bought last year at the meetup in Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a pic of the label, but it said something like wool, cashmere, alpaca, maybe even baby bunny – aka a Most Heavenly Blend. I had two pieces of 1,5 meter, one greyish and one blueish. I made Stef a sweater with the blue one. Which he lost this summer, *insert curses*. So the other 1,5 was definitely meant for me, and I made a Nettie dress with it.

What? Oh, I should have started with the news? Well read on :)

Nettie Dress

Well this will probably not come as a surprise since everybody we’ve told so far said something like ‘I knew it’, but: I’m pregnant! Yay! I’m really glad we’re able to tell the world now, those first weeks are so awkward. Something super exciting is happening and you have to keep quiet about it, so hard! At the same time weeks go by where nothing seems to change and you don’t get any real ‘proof’ until 12 weeks, which makes it all very abstract. I’ve been feeling quite miserable as well, but nothing out of the ordinary. As the second trimester is kicking in things are slowly improving fortunately. We’ve just had that first ultrasound, and everything looked just as it should be. It’s becoming very real now! Hopefully we get to meet our new family member somewhere in August, and we can’t wait!

So, will this turn into a maternity/mom blog now? Honestly, I have no idea. I would like to say things will stay the same, but the center of my universe is shifting so they probably won’t. Obviously my finished makes posts will include maternity makes, but I am planning quite an exciting wardrobe that is not like the standard ‘gathered at the waist shirt’. I’ll tell you more about those plans later. I’m also a bit sad that I don’t get to make new Birkin Flares or black bull denim Gingers, or that bordeaux velvet shirt, or a Yuzu coat, or anything that fits non regular women. I haven’t even shown my latest Gingers which are already getting uncomfortable. But I’m looking forward to exploring this new-to-me domain of maternity wear.

Nettie Dress

Ok so back to the Nettie: I tested the stretch factor this time so I knew how much bigger I should cut the fabric. Plus I adjusted the back armholes and the front armholes so it sits right on my shoulders. I also figured out how to make that twin needle work (lower bobbin tension and woolly nylon) which I’m very pleased with. It’s super comfortable, I like that it shows off my tiny bump and it’s great for this winter weather. I’ve been making and wearing more oversized shirts this past year, but I realised I missed figure hugging shirts like I used to wear.   So there’s actually not much more to tell about this Nettie, the marvel is mostly in the super soft and warm wool jersey and that’s hard to convey in photo’s.

Nettie Dress

Oh and some more news: even though I haven’t been able to work as much as I used to these past months due to my “health issues” (sorry pattern testers :)), there’s a new pattern coming out next week! I’m just finishing the product samples and they’re so delicious I bet you’ll love it too. It’s a design that was missing in my wardrobe and hadn’t been done by other designers. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the sneak peeks. So see you next week!

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    1. Thanks Jana! Second trimester is just around the corner so hopefully it won’t take too long.

  1. You look lovely and that Nettie is gorgeous. Good luck with the maternity wardrobe, you get so sick of those clothes by the time nine months is up!

    1. Thanks Meg! I can imagine, I’m trying to figure out how to make them my style, because most of them just aren’t. I hope I’ll be able to still feel like me even though I’ll be huge :)

  2. Congratulations! Those first 3 months (I mean 12 weeks) seem to go by so slow… We’re still in the “secret fase” at week 9. ;)

  3. Yayyyyy! Congratulations! Wise of you to not have an idea of how things will be. Things will change in the most unexpected and unpredictable ways anyway. :)
    I, too, have to find my maternity style again. I’m a little bit ahead of you, though (already over half way). This time the first trimester was the horror, mood and emotions wise. Luckily it all seems to have settled now.
    Congrats again to this wonderful and scary and exhausting and love filled journey that’s ahead of you!

    1. Congrats to you too then! Man, I can’t wait for that second trimester. So done with being nauseous all the time!

  4. Congratulations, Lisa, so happy for you! A shift of the centre of your universe is just about correct ;-) Looking forward to see what you’re doing with that maternity wardrobe! A little tip from my side: you won’t need many pieces, you will probably use a small number of pieces more often that you will feel comfortable in. Don’t “produce ” too many garments in advance bc they will not be worn ever (again). Sewing and knitting for the baby is much more fun anyways :-)
    Smaida (SewMeow)

    1. Thanks Smaida! And great tips too. I was just thinking to do some leggings and some fun tops and dresses. No maternity jeans or elaborate projects, and I’ll probably just buy some simple things too. I do hope there’ll be another time to wear them though ;)

  5. Congratulations! Possibly your writing about looking for a house and starting a family may have given some hints. As for me…I didn’t think there would be any news so soon ;o) Your Nettie looks great and comfy…look forward to your next pattern.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations! You look happy and the Nettie dress looks really comfortable and nice on you.


  7. Hey Lisa,
    That’s awesome!! Congrats on the coming bump and glad to hear everything is coming well.

    Your Nettie is so inspiring!! I was just thinking about making one for myself. I might try out that twin needle tip you mentioned. They have never worked for me.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks! Yes I lowered the bobbin tension and wound it with woolly nylon, but instead of threading it through this thingy that winds it tight, I let it go around my finger so it didn’t wind too tight. This way it still has stretch on the bobbin.

  8. So excited to hear your “health issues” were of the happy kind and not a raging case of the flu or something! Congratulations Lisa and Stef!!!! ?

    1. Thanks! Hehe yes, it felt so weird having to say that to you. I actually never have the flu :)

  9. Just home from our travels and saw your post, congratulations! All the best to you and little bump. I think you’ve already found your new style, the Nettie dress is lovely, and you… are glowing :)

    1. Thanks! I don’t know about that glowing part though, I am happy but definitely do not feel like I’m glowing yet :)

  10. Congratulations and the dress looks gorgeous on you-perfect to show off the new bump. Your new pattern will be perfect for maternity wear too!

  11. Congrats!!! Great news, I’m at 16 weeks, and like full first trimester was miserable and unreal at the same time! It’s getting real now- soo cool! And please, can you release some cool edgy maternity patterns? I’m so sick of looking at ruched pencil stuff and baby doll sack dresses!!

    1. Thanks, and congrats to you too! I’m not sure about maternity patterns yet, I think I’ll have to be further along to get ideas about what I’d want to wear. But it’s definitely an option, there’s much improvement to be made!

  12. Congratulations! Maternity sewing is definitely an interesting project. Even though I was sick of EVERYTHING I made by the end, I did enjoy the chance to work on my pattern hacking skills. I’ll definitely be interested to see what you make!

  13. Congrats! I am also due in August :) Although, this is my second so my bump is much bigger now than it was for my first at this stage.

    If you do any maternity/nursing hacks to any of your patterns i would be super interested too.

    1. Congrats Melissa! What do they call that, we’re in the August birth club or something? Haha. I’m definitely planning maternity hacks for our patterns!

  14. I’m finally getting onto your blog to read your official announcement! I’m thrilled for you and happy you are feeling better. Your bump is pure beauty.

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