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Well, a month without a post, I think that’s a record :) I’m back here to give you a heads up on what’s going on. Last month was a very busy month. We packed our stuff, handed in the keys to our house and left the town where we lived for the past 10 years. After a week of getting the necessary truck maintenance and goodbyes, we drove off to Kassel, Germany to meet our good friends. We had a lovely few days with them before driving down to France. We’re in the Morvan region now, staying at the house of Stef’s parents. It’s a 300 year old farm situated on a hill overlooking a green valley, and we have it all to ourselves!


We’ll stay here until we’ve released the Jade skirt. The pattern and instructions are finished, it’s down to the new website, shop and blog. During the course of the coming months, this blog will also move to another domain, but I’ll let you know when that happens. While Stef works on that, I’ve begun making samples for the second pattern! I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to share my progress with you. I’ve already given some hints on what pattern it will be, but let’s concentrate on getting that Jade out first, right?


I’m afraid I don’t have much to show you in terms of finished items. I made some Espresso Leggings and although I’m really pleased with them, they’re just black leggings so I won’t bore you with those :) In the meantime, for smaller updates you can follow us on Facebook (Paprika Patterns and Joep de Zoeperd, our travel page) and Twitter (Paprika and Joep) as well. Talk to you again soon!

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