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TST #11: Updating Grandma’s Dress

Somehow my sewing-for-fun plans haven’t progressed much the past few weeks. Time seems to go so fast in this last stretch (6 weeks to go!), and I’m trying to balance sewing with baby prep, working, and adulting like buying a new car and wrestling with French institutions over boring admin stuff. I now also spend some time ‘resting’ every day, something I had not factored in. I’m not used to low energy levels! Not surprisingly, time consuming sewing projects get pushed to the bottom because the other stuff just has to get done. Fortunately making something from scratch isn’t the only way to fill your wardrobe gaps: refashioning can save a lot of time! As was the case with this project: just an afternoon of alterations and I have a much needed summer dress.


Thrift Store Treasures #10

There’s a good chance you’re wondering why this is nr. 10 – have there been others then? Well yes, but the last one in this series was over 2,5 years ago! I still love refashioning but I just haven’t had the opportunity to do it in the last years. It all started with this shirt way way back in 2010 when I had just decided to stop buying clothes for a year. (Oh my, going back to that post just made me go off on a big reading tangent. This is how I felt after my one year challenge, and it still rings true to me now!) Anyway, I’m still always on the lookout for garments to refashion at the thrift store, but I just don’t go there very often and I don’t seem to find the good stuff. Last time however I found a dress and a shirt that I liked, mostly for the fabric.


Thrift Store Treasures #9

It’s been way too long since the last Thrift Store Treasure! I was downtown for some errands and couldn’t help sneaking in the thriftshop that usually has the best stuff. Beautiful motorcycle jackets, 70’s shirts, vintage dresses. Not the shop you buy something for a couple of euro’s. I had tried on some dresses (very cool but either white, beige or yellow, they made me look like I had the flu) and then found this jumpsuit. I chuckled and tried it on. The mirror was occupied so I walked around the shop, putting my hands in the pockets. It was so comfortable, I was sold before I’d seen what I looked like!