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Fuel Your Creativity by Organising Your Stash – Pt. 3

It’s been a few months since I wrote part 1 and part 2 of these mini series, and I thought I’d report back on how my system has worked so far. The first post was about how my large stash was inhibiting my creativity, not fuelling it. Because I didn’t know what fabrics and what patterns I had, and there was no way to quickly browse through them, thinking about a new project made me indecisive rather than inspired. Instead of using great fabric I already had, I just purchased new fabric. I’ve found that organising my stash, patterns and fabric both made it easier to see what I have and to come up with new projects that didn’t require spending money. Today I’ll talk about whether this system has held up and some new insights I gained.


Daily Life in a Yurt: Summer

Autumn is officially here, and it’s time to look back on our summer. We are still learning what it means to live in a yurt and every season brings its lessons. Winter taught us how easy it is to be warm and comfortable even with freezing temperatures outside. Spring showed us the benefits of living in close connection with the outside. Surprisingly, Summer has proven more difficult than we anticipated. We’ve had an abnormally hot June and July, with temperatures above 30°C (86°C) and no rain for 6 weeks. In weather like that, the yurt works just like a tent, absorbing all the heat and no real way to cool it down. There were quite some days where we had to be either outside or in the house, that stayed cool with its thick stone walls.


Sheer Wool Lace Knit Hemlock Tee

That’s kind of a mouthful isn’t it? Yet this new shirt (or is it a sweater?) is all of those things. The fabric is one I found in Fabriano, Italy, in a small fabric shop that just has the most beautiful fabric selection at a reasonable price. Last Spring when we stayed near Fabriano for 2,5 months we actually contemplated living there, and this fabric shop was one of the reasons for me to see it working. In the end we left anyway, but not without a nice stack of fabrics. All of them have been a success so far, and I hope this one will turn out to be one too.


SIM Pattern Bundle: Walkley Dress

If you haven’t checked out the Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle, you only have two days left! This bundle holds patterns from 10 different Indie designers. Depending on how much you want to spend, you get 5, 7 or 10 patterns. In any case you won’t have to spend much, though – the patterns are hugely discounted! And the discount gets bigger if you buy more – you can get 5 patterns for $5 each, or 10 patterns for $3.80 each. This kind of sale is not likely to happen ever again, so if you’ve had your eye on even a few of these patterns, your money is well spent. Even more so because 20% of proceeds will go to charity, Women for Women. I’ve made up one of the patterns in this bundle, the Walkley Dress from MIYCollection.


Last Summer Dress – Southport (+ tutorial)

As I’m writing this the wind is howling around the yurt, the rain pattering on the roof. I was thinking it wasn’t too late for one last summer dress, but you never know what the weather will do. The Southport Dress from True Bias is probably no new sight to you, it seems to have been a very popular pattern this summer. And I can see why: it’s easy to sew and easy to wear. However, if you’re not a fan of sewing buttonholes I’ve got just the tutorial for you. For Sewing Indie Month I’ve created a tutorial on how to change the front closure into buttons and loops. Check Kelli’s blog to see the tutorial!