Something Old, Something New

Happy New Year to you!

We’ve been through so much this past year that it’s as if five years have past instead of one. It seems so long ago that we left our life in the Netherlands. Even though it had some repercussions for getting Paprika Patterns off the ground, it was the best decision we could have made. Now it’s time to concentrate fully on Paprika and I’d like your input on that! So in this post I want to look back a bit and discuss with you how we should shape this blog in the coming months.

Camping and climbing at the wild coasts of Sardegna

If you’re a long time follower you know that we’ve been working on the Jade and the website for more than a year. You also know that packing up all your belongings and going on a trip for 10 months doesn’t combine well with releasing a pattern. You might think we learned from that, but no. Because building your home and releasing another pattern, surprisingly, also doesn’t work that well. I’ve decided not to get stressed out by this. The pattern needs what it needs and I don’t want to compromise it by going for the quick release. It will be ready by the end of the month so keep an eye out!

Evening walks along the beach close to Ravenna, Italy

I’m really happy with the space we created here. I feel very inspired to write. Now that I can start afresh, it’s time to think about what to do here. One of the things I most enjoyed at my former blog were the experimental projects. The Pattern Magic Project for instance, where I’d sew out of one of the Pattern Magic books once a month. Or the Thrift Store Treasures where I’d refashion something found in a thrift store. And if I’m not mistaken, these were also the posts that you enjoyed reading the most.

Fog filling the valleys of Emilia Romagna, Italy

I think it’s very important to try and find a balance between Paprika Patterns and sewing for fun. Being your own boss can put immense pressure on yourself. If you don’t put a deliberate halt to yourself that’s what happens, as your business is your passion. We’ve already felt the stress it can bring and we want to prevent our business becoming an obsession. Working is exciting, but it doesn’t inspire me. That happens through experimenting and sewing for myself. I have to take my mind off the next pattern in order to come up with ideas for the next pattern.

Picking cherries at Kmetija Štekar, Slovenia

Our plan for 2015 is simply to stay put for a while. To enjoy having a home and a dedicated sewing space. In the next months I want to bring back the Pattern Magic series, and maybe some Thrift Store Treasures. I hope to be able to create a space that inspires you to learn more, sew more, get creative and experiment, too. I’m curious to see how it works out. Maybe it turns out I really will have to work 24/7 on patterns in order to make our company viable, but I hope there are other ways.

Hiking the mountains between Austria and Italy

Are there any things in particular that you enjoyed reading at my old blog? Or are there other things in general that you like reading about? Let me know!

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  1. I am very impressed with what you have done over the last year, particularly releasing the Jade pattern in the midst of it all! I liked the Pattern magic stuff – mostly because I’m not brave enough to try it even though I have the books! Happy New Year…

    1. Thanks Tamsin! I hope the Pattern Magic posts will take the magic out of the process a bit so it won’t seem so daunting.

  2. Yay for experimental sewing! Yay for Pattern Magic!
    I enjoy reading about your process and about your life outside the sewing room as well, but what I probably enjoy the most are posts about interesting design ideas, details and techniques, and, of course, beautiful finished garments. (:

  3. I’m not a particularly long-time follower (I think I started following when you released the Jade?), but honestly, if they’re not related to a Paprika Pattern, my favorite posts are of finished sewing projects, particularly if it’s an unusual pattern or something else that not everyone in the sewing blogosphere is making.

  4. I think you should be writing about your experiences day to day, because do you have any idea how many people dream of running off and sewing in a yurt?! I’m driving my kid to school everyday in snowy Boston, and sewing in a corner of his bedroom…I’ll be right over!! Take lots of dreamy pictures because I think a book about making a house and sewing in it could be as big as “Walden” (the Thoreau book, not the Colette pattern)…

    1. Hi Julie! Hehe, I’m not sure it’s THAT interesting. But I will do some updates on my (eventual) sewing space and what daily life is like in a yurt!

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