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About to Make Our Pattern? Check Your Version Number!

One of the reasons I like a pattern in PDF form is that it is not a static product. A digital product can be altered even after people have bought it. Even though a pattern has gone through a thorough testing phase, there’s always things that can come up later. Sometimes it’s just a typo, other times it is the wording of an instruction step, sometimes it’s something in the pattern design. Different people notice different things – it cannot be avoided.


Share Your Jades & Jaspers

What is the first thing you want to do when you have sewed something? Put it on and show it off! These are are a few of the creations I’ve seen popping up in the last few weeks. I love how creative people get, you guys come up with possibilities I hadn’t even thought of yet!


Jade Skirt V2.0 Out Now

Not exactly the release of a new pattern, but the improvement of an existing pattern. The Jade Skirt has been out for four months now, and she needed some attention. We’ve had the time to see what people’s experiences with the pattern were. To g some distance to think about what could be improved. It feels good to complete this project now with an improved design and a larger size range. The Jade Skirt V2.0 is now available in our shop, and at a sale price of 15% off! And keep reading for another little surprise…


How Our Sizechart Works

In this post I’d like to give you some insight in how our size chart is built up, and how we came to this range of sizes. As you might know almost every indie pattern company creates its own sizechart. Every designer does his or her research on the subject, and then chooses the sizes/size proportions he or she thinks represent the average women best. I know, there is no such thing as an average woman, but you have to draft your patterns based on something, right?

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How to Assemble PDF Patterns

A not so Christmassy post from me today, but one that still might come in handy. I hope you’ve managed to plan some sewing time after the Christmas madness is over. I think those days until New Years are always so nice and quiet, perfect for catching up on projects. I’ll have to work on the next pattern, but it does involve sewing so I’m not complaining. If you’re planning to sew up some PDF patterns, here’s a quick work order and some helpful links. Merry Christmas and happy sewing!