Minty Gabriola

I’ve got two mint projects lined up to post, but I’ll start with this one since the other one is another Archer. I purchased Sewaholics Gabriola back in March when we were still in Italy. It seemed like a maxi skirt perfect for people with wide hips since it’s fitted at the hips and flares out from there. I’ve tried a simple maxi gathered at the waist last year, but that was a big fail. I looked huge and out of proportion, a bit like if you’d gather up a bedsheet and put a waistband on it. Yeah, not good :)


I found the perfect fabric (or so I hoped) in a little shop in Fabriano, one I went to a couple of times because they had such a wonderful collection. I also got the plumetis for the shirt there. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the content of the mint fabric is, probably a blend with some rayon. It’s a bit heavy but very drapey and it has a beautiful texture. I actually used the wrong side because the right side had a metallic sparkle that was bit too much. I almost ruined it when pre washing: a ballpoint had somehow gotten into the washing machine and left some stains I couldn’t get out. The horror!


So I had the right fabric, the pattern and an image in my head that wanted to come to life but still I procrastinated. I was just not looking forward to tracing and cutting out those big pattern pieces, and fearful that I wouldn’t be able to cut around the ink stains. I know, those aren’t very good reasons, right? So in August I finally kicked myself in the butt – summer was coming to an end and I just really wanted to have a maxi skirt.


I enjoyed sewing it, the fabric is a bit shifty but not unworkable. I was a bit fooled by the seemingly simple lines, thinking this would be a fast project. Let me tell you: this is not a fast project! The lines are simple allright, but those seams are endless! There’s metres of them, to sew, to trim and to finish. To be honest, I didn’t finish the vertical seams. I had a limited amount of time since I started just two days before we would leave the place we were staying at and I figured I’d just use my serger when we’d get to France again.


Once I had accepted that this would not be a fast project I concentrated on taking it slow to be precise, matching the seams and setting in the blind zip. I’m very content with the finishing, the seams match exactly at all 8 intersections and the blind zip went in smoothly. I cut a 6 at the waist and an 8 at the hips as per the chart, but 6 all over would have been fine since I took it in a bit. I hand stitched the waistband while we were camping, and we were at such a beautiful place by the river that I wanted to take the photos there. Before finishing the hem as you surely have noticed. I havent decided yet how I’ll do that, and won’t have the opportunity until we’re back in France.


I drafted and sewed the shirt too – it’s the same as the other one but with sleeves. It needs a tiny bit more adjusting, I want the dropped shoulder a bit higher. The fabric is a soft cotton that was actually a bit more creme coloured when I bought it. But someone else prewashed it for me in Slovenia at 60°C and I don’t know what detergent she used but it was a lot whiter when I got it back :). I didn’t mind since yellowish tones don’t suit me very well, but it confirmed my fears about letting someone else prewash your fabric. I’ll tell you a bit more about this shirt when I post about it next time.


So there you go, another outfit! The shirt can be combined with the grey shorts, but I’m not so sure about the sleeveless top with the Gabriola. Probably not a good idea. But I’ve got another outfit in the works that I could switch up with this one so my summer wardrobe will still be more cohesive than it has ever been. I’m ignoring everyones ‘summers end’ and ‘fall wardrobe’ cries as you can tell. I haven’t seen a yellow leaf yet, so I’m going to pretend this summer is still going strong! Are you holding on to summer sewing too or are you already getting excited about fall sewing? Tell me all about it!

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  1. Besides knitting, I am still dreaming of summer sewing, as I am still wearing very summery clothes, and my summer queue is still full. Like a rebel against temperature drop!

  2. lovely skirt and great matching up on all the seam joins. Looking forward to reading about your top, I have been looking for some fabric like that for a while.

    1. Thanks Tamsin! I know they have it at Ships from France, shouldn’t be too expensive?

  3. I’ve learned from experience that washing off-white fabrics with detergent for whites actually turns them white. So I’ll never do that again and reading your description, I think that’s what happened here as well. Love the skirt and love love love the blouse!

    1. I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip! And for the blouse support, I’m hoping to release it next summer :)

  4. Fall lasts about a month here in Colorado so I skip fall sewing. Im still working on some shorts and focusing on a core wardrobe.

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