Travel Outfit

Hand Made Travel Outfit

Did you know I’ve never owned sweatpants before in my life? Somehow I never thought I’d need them. I have a pair of  ‘chill pants’, one of those striped ones everybody who traveled in Peru 10 years ago had. I think they’re even my oldest piece of clothing that is still in rotation. I made my sweatpants as a first sample of a pattern I’m working on, and even though the pattern needs to be tweaked, I’ve found it really hard to take them off! They are so incredibly comfortable I want to wear nothing else. I understand the danger of sweatpants now, they make you want to ignore every style advise ever. Comfort is what you need on long cross-country drives though. Last week we paid a short visit to the Netherlands and for the first time I had the ideal hand made travel outfit for the 12 hour drive.

Travel Outfit

The cardigan is another revelation to me. I’ve never been a fan of cardigans, they never fit around my hips, weird things happen when I try to close them. I don’t like the draped front ones either, it just feels messy. I concluded I was just more of a sweater person. However, the fashion trend of long, button-less cardigans has shown me that there is a cardigan that suits me. I tried some on in a store to see what would work best and then drafted myself a pattern. I love that it goes with all my button downs and other shirts that aren’t sweaters. This one needs tweaking too, but that hasn’t prevented me from wearing it almost non-stop. I have three other fabrics lined up to make more, and it’ll be available to you too hopefully later this winter.

Third in the category of ‘needs tweaking but is still a succes’ is my first Nettie top. I have a feeling this will replace the Sloppy Jo as my go-to shirt pattern. I like tight fitting t shirts, but my wide hips always made them ride up. This one fits over the hips because I graded two sizes up, but it still has numerous issues. The first is my own fault, I used a fabric with only 40% stretch. I made a size larger to compensate, but it wasn’t enough. I compensated for length too, but the pattern is designed for more vertical stretch so the sleeves are too short anyway. The biggest issue is in the shoulders. You can see how far in the back armscyes curve, and the shoulder should be 2cm more out. I’ve already re-drafted the armscyes and the sleeves so once I find the right fabric, there will definitely be more.

Travel Outfit

Even though all three garments have issues, they kept me comfortable during our long drives. Lounge gear is not something that’s really looked at by others anyway, not like a pair of jeans or a button down. I didn’t plan them together and they’re also not the most exciting pieces. However, a shirt that doesn’t ride up, sweatpants without elastic waistband and finding your cardigan style are still pretty exciting to me!

Do you sew comfort clothes?

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  1. That’s a great looking travel outfit! I like to waer similar things when driving a long time too. It’s just the best.
    And I’m highly interested in sweatpants without an elastic waistband and even more in this cardigan pattern… Can’t wait! ;)

    1. Good! It’ll be a while though, there’s another one in line first! Too many ideas, not enough time :)

  2. Totally intrigued by the “without elastic waistband” part! Doesn’t that defeat the point?? Looking forward to finding out more!

    1. Well as I see it, the waist needs to be comfortable and not restricting. There’s more ways to get this besides a lot of bulk at your waist! Ok I admit, there will still be elastic, but the fabric won’t be gathered.

  3. Ohh, yes, a cardigan pattern! I’ve been having a hard time finding good cardigan patterns. Will you add different length options? I’d probably be more interested in a shorter version.

  4. What wide hips?! (Says the one with wide hips) You have a great shape. I looked at the instagram pics – if those are the sweatpants in a pic couple of lines down on the first place, I love! And the card you’re wearing looks great. What fun. Looking forward to both patterns.
    I haven’t made a nettie yet for the same reasons – the four way fabrics I have, I don’t like as a body. Thanks for showing what happens when you don’t have the right stretch, i was about to cave and try one in something less stretchy.

    1. Hehe, I know it doesn’t look like it but my hip is two sizes up from my waist, and one from my bust. Yes the stretch on the Nettie is vital (as I could have known, but I’m stubborn). I just really wanted to have this fabric as a top.

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