Diamond Archer Buttons

Diamonds / So Wild I Cannot Tame

Well actually I’m not sure how wild a button down with diamonds is, really. If they were real diamonds maybe, although I’m not sure it would be wild in a good way. This is just a line from My Brightest Diamond, whose album This Is My Hand has been on repeat for the last weeks. It’s an excellent song to have on when you’re doing a little dance every time a Jade Skirt order comes in. But I digress, here’s my Archer with diamonds!

Diamond Archer

I remember when I saw this fabric online at cousette.com, it was just immediately telling me it wanted to become an Archer. It’s a ‘batiste’, a lightweight cotton poly blend. It’s from designer Aime Comme Marie, I really like her designs. I had kind of a mint infatuation this summer, I bought the fabric for my Gabriola around the same time. Oh spring in Italy, such sweet memories! I actually cut it out right after my wintery woollen Archer but only got around to making it in August.

Diamond Archer Front
Diamond Archer Buttons

I left off the upper collar, it seemed more summery to me like that. And because I always roll up the cuffs anyway I didn’t bother with a pretty placket, just the one that’s in the instructions.  The buttons I found also in Italy, they’re metal and I love the contrast with the kind of sweet mint. Some seams are slightly puckered, maybe due to the machine I was using. My own machine was away for maintenance and I only had a 60’s model Bernina at my disposal. Which was a lot of fun in itself, but I did miss my elegant Janome with it’s walking foot, especially for those button bands. As this is my third Archer (the only pattern I’ve ever made three times) I havent got that much to say about construction. I did French seams on the side and armholes, and flat felled ones on the shoulders and yoke.

I didn’t make any further adjustments, although I do think I spotted another fit issue. I think I have forward sloping shoulders. See how there’s a ridge from the collar to the shoulder? And how the shoulder seam lies flatter and more in line with my shoulder when I pull my shoulders back? The armhole also looks better at the front. If I make a shirt or something like that again I’m going to try and adjust for this. That and my slightly rounded back. Ah I love learning about fitting! I’ve been reading Fit for Real People like it’s a thriller too good to lay down :).

Diamond Archer Back
Diamond Archer Back

So there, another fine addition to my summer wardrobe. It can again be paired up with both shorts (but not with the Gabriola). And it’s a piece better suited for layering, the only one I can still wear at the moment and one of my favourite pieces at that. It combines the practical with a style that is really me with a fun fabric that is sweet but not too much. I’m guessing this isn’t my last Archer, just wait until I find the perfect plaid…

One more time in case you missed it, the Jade Skirt is out! It comes in 6 sizes (more to follow soon) and you can choose your own price. You can get it here.

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