Cappuccino Cardigan

I’ve been batch sewing lately – choosing 3 of 4 patterns, and then doing all the steps simultaneously. Have them all printed (I always have the A0 files printed, here’s some resources), then cut or trace them all, then cut them all out of fabric, then sew. This means that there is sometimes a big gap between sewing periods, but I’ll soon have a few new garments! The Cappuccino Cardigan was in my last batch, and it’s a design that I’ve been wanting to make for a few years. I love that you can just let it hang loose, you can wrap yourself, wrap your belly, or wrap your baby as you’re nursing. I have an RTW cardigan like this and I wear it all the time! MinervaCrafts was kind enough to provide me with the fabric, and I chose the most obnoxious color I could find. My wardrobe could use some color!

Cappuccino Cardigan - Paprika Patterns

You can read more over on the Maternity Sewing blog, and we sell this pattern in our shop if you’re interested!

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  1. What a good idea batch sewing. I think I should try some for some cosy sweater sewing for this winter. By the way is a very good and affordable A0 printing service in the Netherlands. Especially if you print multiple patterns in one go as it saves you on postage. They have a special pattern printing service/option. The pattern is then printed on a very nice weight paper. You can have the prints sent to you folded or rolled up (which I prefer).

    1. Oh thanks for the tip, I’ll add it to the list! I get mine rolled up as well, and I also wait until I have multiple to save on shipping.

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