Summer pants & tank

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The heat we’ve been having for the past month made me realise I desperately needed some summer pants. You don’t always want to wear a skirt, and all else I had were shorts and jeans. You can easily find these summer pants anywhere: rayon challis or a poly equivalent, an elastic waistband and narrowing toward the hems. The trouble is, I don’t like elastic waistbands, I find them very unflattering on me. I remembered my favourite summer pants from seven years back and taking elements from that I drafted a pair for myself.

Summer pants & tank
Summer pants & tank

These slightly tapered pants feature a curved triangular yoke on front and back, a blind side zip, pockets, two inverted box pleats and a closure with three buttons and loops. Sound like pattern sales talk? Well it just might be! This is only the second sample though, so it will be next Spring before the pattern will be released. I have some variations in mind that need to be tested and tweaked before I start drafting them according to the Paprika size chart. But I always prefer to give new patterns a long test drive before I decide on the final design. So for now these are just my favourite summer gear.

Summer pants & tank

The top is another Tiny Pocket Tank without the pocket. I had some fabric left over from my Gabriola skirt and it’s such gorgeous stuff I wanted to put it to good use. And what better use than a simple top that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe? I did an SBA on the pattern first though. And it still needs some adjustment, the darts are a bit far in and smidgen too high. I played with the fabric by using the right side on the back and the wrong side for the front. The right side has a beautiful shimmer to it that’s only visible when the light hits it, as in the photo above. I haven’t used that side in my Gabriola but I thought using it on the back made this top just that more special.

Summer pants & tank

This tank is a new silhouette for me, especially combined with the pants. I always used to wear and make things that define my waist. It’s the standard advice for an hourglass figure, and I always felt like I had no shape with wider clothes. My waist could be twice the size underneath this top, when you’re standing still. I really like wearing this outfit though, I’m discovering the benefits loose clothing in hot weather. And I think when you move around in your clothes, that’s when your shape is revealed. And then there’s that thing that the older you get, the less you care anyway.

Summer pants & tank

When I first combined this top and these pants, I felt like I didn’t need anything else. If I’d have this, the other tank I made, and that sweater I bought last month, I’d be happy to wear only that. Everything else in my wardrobe is basically superfluous. Of course this is not all I wear, I am super messy so I can usually wear things for half a day before it has stains (mostly chocolate, hehe). It just feels like I am getting closer to a minimalist wardrobe, that I could eventually get rid of at least half the things I own. And there’s that paradox again – the yearning for simplicity on the one hand and the urge to create on the other. For someone who doesn’t particularly like to sew for others, I wonder if this can be solved!

Do you have a summer uniform? What do you think of these pants? What features do you like in summer pants?

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  1. Those pants are gorgeous. Especially because I like pleated pants but those pleats usually start at the waist, creating extra bulk around the tummy area, the one place where I don’t like bulk. I like a flat tummy area (a yoke) with extra room at the upper thighs where I need it! So the moment you intend on releasing, I intend on buying!

    1. Excellent :) Yes I know what you mean, that’s exactly what I don’t like either.

  2. Those inverted pleats at the trouser waistband are lovely. Hope the trousers pass the test & get to become a pattern

  3. I really, really love these. Beautiful job on the yoke. I was just looking at ‘summer pants’ the other day but couldn’t get past the elasticky business. These are awesome: pockets, yoke, just the right amount of width through the leg. <3 <3 <3

  4. those pants look pretty special to me! I must admit that I love elastic waistbands since they tend to be the only type of store bought pants that actually fot me both at my waist and at my hips. However, they are not,that flattering, but that is a feeling I usually have with pants…
    Can’t wait to see your variations and final pattern!

  5. Fast forward to spring 2016 I’d say! I just love these pants, loose where it should be and kind where it should be ;)

  6. Gorgeous, we are coming into Summer and this loose cool style of pants are perfect. The fitted flat waistband is a nice option.

  7. Beautiful pants! And I love all the special tweaks, would totally buy the pattern! Perhaps with a variation without the pleats..?

  8. I used to have a summer uniform -sort of ! My holiday case was all in black & white. Some plain black, but mostly fancy black and white prints. Summer is the season of high constrast.

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