4 Years of Sewing: the Roundup

It’s time for another roundup to see what is still in my closet after 4 years of sewing! It’s very interesting to see what pieces have survived the multiple closet purges, the most recent one being the most radical. I had to get rid of a lot of stuff when we moved into the truck, and I’m not sure which pieces I packed away and which I’ve thrown out. If you click on the years, you can see an overview of everything I’ve made that year.

Year 1

Score: 20 items

Still in the closet: 2

Still wearing: 0

Not much has survived from the first year. Some because I didn’t like the style, or the colours didn’t suit me, and some because the construction wasn’t up to my standards anymore. The dress has gone to goodwill, the pants and hoodie should be somewhere packed away. Even though garments haven’t survived, some ideas have and I’m still using those for future pattern ideas.

Year 2

Score: 18 items

Still in the closet: 4

Still wearing: 2

The white shirt has come with me but I havent worn it that much simply because it’s white and I’m outdoors a lot. I do still love it so much though! I also brought the striped shirt but have maybe only wore it once. I think it’s time to retire that one.

Year 3

Score: 26 items

Still in the closet: 9

Still wearing: 6


A slightly better score, but still a lot fell victim to the moving clean out. I have worn all three items above a lot the past year. It’s almost time to retire the chevron top, and I think it’s the first thing I’ll stop wearing because it’s getting worn out. Cool! The sweater is one of my favourites even though the unmatched stripes annoy me. The last one is technically something I knit, but I included it because it’s also one of my favourites.

Year 4

Score: 9

Still in the closet: 6

Still wearing: 4

Well it says 9 items, but you’d have to add at least 20 for all the unblogged samples I made for upcoming patterns, and there’s the stuff for Stef. My productivity has definitely gone up, even though we’ve been on the road for 10 out of 12 months. It’s come to a point where I own less clothes than ever, but the most part is handmade. I think I had this goal when I started, so I guess I’ve finally made it after 4 years :) I find that through carefully selecting what to keep, you end up with things that are not only handmade, but are all favourites. There’s almost nothing in my closet that I feel kind of meh about.

So I got a bit excited and put these numbers in a chart. What this mostly shows is how little is left…

Clothing Chart

It seems the biggest selection takes place in the year that follows. Overall, counting only garments and including samples, I’ve made around 100 garments in four years. Whoah! And only 12% of that still gets worn… But I also wear some of the samples so I guess it’s more like 20%. I hope that number will increase every year as I make more stuff that will stand the test of time!

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  1. Great job! Love the idea of a challenge and pursuing it.

    I hope one day to get to a level of sewing that people ask me to make them one of what I am wearing. Instead of “oh look she made that all by herself” (in a comment one may use for a child’s finger painting) to “wow, is that custom made?”

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You have a great talent,please put it to good use while you are young. I will soon be 58 and I love different things. I am also a digner and artist. It is great to see the future items. Please keep informed even though I am in a different age group. Have a beautiful and colorful life.

  3. Such a great insight! I am currently on year one, and though this means I am still making crap, I will not discourage :D

    1. Keep at it! At some point your creations will start to match your imagination :) Not sure I’m there yet either…

  4. Very interesting post!
    I’m glad to know it’s not just me that doesn’t like/keep all of the clothes I make, even if there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with them. I guess it’s all part of the process of determining your own style and learning new skills at the same time.
    I also like that you included statistics!
    Is there a way to follow this new blog by email?

    1. Hi Anna, I think it’s exactly that, recognising what you’ve learned and move on! There isn’t yet a way to follow by email, I’ll see if we can make that happen!

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